Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Letting the Elephant Run

This blog began as a way to address multiple column gems in The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman after my editors decided three back-to-back pieces on the subject was enough.

But now The Bachelor is over, and I find myself hesitant to delete this blog. I rather like having a place to vent my uncensored thoughts and rejected column ideas.

Therefore, I am renaming "Letting the Elephant Run."

Abraham Lincoln once said, "When you have an elephant by the hind legs and he wants to run, it's best to let him go."

Somehow this quote pops into my head throughout my daily life as a mom to three boys.

What does it mean?

I'll let you decide.


Turtle said...

YAY!!! I'm so glad you decided to keep this blog up and running (like that elephant you were talking about)...

Haley said...

I've enjoyed your blog, too. I look forward to more of your witticisms (I just made up this word)!

fellow navy wife said...

so glad you are keeping this site up! I love all of your stuff, and now, I have more to read when I am not chasing my two sons or struggling to speak french:)

Terra said...

Keep it coming, girl! I just read your column on about what men consider to be sexy in a woman. You know the part where you said you had heard somewhere that women would give up sex for 15 months in exchange for a new wardrobe? Well, where can I sign up for that trade-off? Is it just a coincidence that the Army has extended to 15-month deployments?