Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How Much Leave Can One Man Take?

I almost fell out of my chair during last night's "After the Final Rose" episode of The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman. First LT Andy Baldwin said that he and his new fiance, Tessa Horst, had immediate plans to visit family on the East Coast. Then, Chris Harrison presented them with a gift -- a hike on the Inca Trail.

Dustin called out from the other room, "Is that guy still in the Navy?"

I know Baldwin claims to have taken 60 days of personal leave to film the show, but my gosh, he's seemingly been on one long media tour ever since, and now he's going on vacation?

All I can say is I wish I had known this eight years ago when my husband almost couldn't get leave for one weekend to get married.

No, I'm not bitter (or, maybe I am), but here's what my Navy husband has been doing since Baldwin started his Bachelor odyssey earlier this year: missing his sons' tee-ball games and preschool graduation while he works 14-16 hour days.

Before you tell me my husband could take leave if he wanted to, let me say that just because you have leave on the books doesn't always mean that you can (or should) use it.

And also, sometimes being in the military plain stinks.


Mary Abigail & Paul said...

Andy can have leave to be on the Bachelor, that Phil guy got leave to go on American Idol and my husband can't be here when our first child is born! You just have to laugh....

Anonymous said...

Yeah... I totally hear you on that girlfriend.

Last year my LT. Husband could't get a full week off in a row for a vacation because the command was coming apart at the seams.

This guy must have some connections or something? Or maybe, he has no job billet? As in... He is expendable maybe? ROTFLOL!

I'm so glad someone thinks like me.

Dimes said...

I hear you. How is it that some people are at work 12-14 hours per day and others (and not just media darlings, either) can clown around and use up all their leave time and it's just AOK? It's definitely not an equitable division of labor. Just hope it shows on the fitreps later.